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Custom Cellars

With a background in iron & steel design, Nigel Pemberton found many of his clients, who were wine enthusiasts, requesting custom wine racking made from steel for both their private and commercial cellars. This extended to the design of wine racking in varying fabrications to the manufacture of cabinetry, cellar conditioning to the planning and construction of complete cellar builds. Recognising the market was calling for customised wine cellar solutions Nigel created Vine & Vault.

Having expertise in bespoke private & commercial cellars, Vine & Vault Custom Cellars will add value to your property. For the private customer our solutions will increase the value of your home whilst protecting the asset of your wine collection.

Commercially, we increase the saleability of your business optimising storage, efficient use of valuable floor space and displays that will maximise your sales.

Whether you have an existing room, wish to utilise unused space beneath stairs or in a cupboard, want to build a new cellar from scratch above or below ground, Vine & Vault can create your ultimate wine storage facility, no matter how large or small.

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